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by thenamelesssamurai
04 Feb 2020, 20:54
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Topic: Question about Fallout New Vegas
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Question about Fallout New Vegas

So I have a very specific question about in game behavior for one quest that I was hoping someone might know the answer to. I downloaded the Kaos release of the Fallout New Vegas:Ultimate edition back in 2012 and when I first started playing it the loot boxes in Ceaser's favor would operate like des...
by thenamelesssamurai
01 Feb 2020, 05:37
Forum: Introduce Yourself
Topic: Howdy, all.
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Howdy, all.

Hello, everyone. Been a fan of y'alls work for a long time. I'm here because I had a specific question about one of your older releases (Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition) and wasn't sure where the right place to ask was.